Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Advice Is Meant To Be Taken

It dawned on me yesterday that changes I had made on my WV Heritage website in March rendered all of the person links from this blog to the website obsolete.

Here's the explanation I had put on the website:
If you have previously saved any links to specific people, please use one of the indexes to find each individual and replace the old link with the new one. This is necessary as the site has been changed from a "one folder, one person" basis to a one folder, multiple persons" basis. As a result, URLs now reflect a page number that specifies the folder in addition to the individual's ID number in my database. Here is an example of how this affects the old links using Herbert Samuel Kuhn, who is ID#9. His old link ended with p9.htm, while the new link ends with p1.htm#i9.

I have started looking back through posts and changing the non-working links to valid links.  It has actually turned into a good exercise as I am finding a few other links to sites that now have a new address.  I was rolling right along until I got to mid 2012 and hit a brick wall.  No, not a genealogist's idea of a brick wall; it was more of a "it's time to get some sleep" brick wall.  I have another couple years to go as this blog was born on 11 November 2010.

Bottom line:  I hope that folks that visit the website are better at taking my advice than I was.  I had cautioned that old links would no longer work ~ I even notified another blogger that he needed to update a link ~ and yet it took another month for it to dawn on me that I needed to update my own blog!

Yep, advice is meant to be taken.  Hi ho, hi ho, it's back to work I go ...

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