Monday, July 6, 2015

Fork Ridge Cemeteries

Two more cemetery pages will soon be added to my website for the Fork Ridge Universalist and Oak Grove United Methodist churches (Marshall County, West Virginia).  As I have been working my way through them, I've found gravestone photos that I never added along with a number of corrections and additions.

Here's one example I found working on the Oak Grove page:  I just noticed that someone (couldn't have been me!) made an error typing the date of death for Clarence D. Ferrell ... he died in 2002 according to his gravestone, not 2001. The next update will correct that error as well as add the photo of his gravestone that I had taken way back in 2003.

Several of my Harris, Lydick and Terrill relatives were buried at the Universalist cemetery; numerous Aston and McGary relatives were buried at Oak Grove.  I'll do a post with links to the new pages when they're ready ... keep watching!