Friday, June 28, 2013

Vella Church and Forrest Alley

91 years ago today, Vella Church and Forrest William Alley were married in West Virginia.  As I wrote on my West Virginia Heritage website:
"Although the marriage license was issued and recorded in Brooke County, the actual marriage apparently took place in Marshall County.  The preprinted location of Wellsburg is crossed out on the marriage record, and W. C. Harold certified that he united Forrest and Vella in marriage at Moundsville on 28 June 1922."

This photo of Forrest and Vella was taken in 1919:

I never knew Forrest - he died before I was born; but I did know Vella, the oldest sister of my grandmother, Nellie (Church) Kuhn.  I've been told by some of my cousins that although Vella would visit Nellie on the small farm she and her husband, Herbert Kuhn, owned on Fork Ridge, Vella could never get back to town (Moundsville) soon enough.  Apparently she was not the country type!

Here are two links to get more info about this couple: