Saturday, March 24, 2018

Surprise - the Update is Online!

I finally finished reviewing all the changes in the long-promised update AND have uploaded it to my West Virginia Heritage website.  Yay!!!  When the dust settled, I had added the following:

  • Information from nine different tag types (Anecdote, Biography, Education, Employment, MailAddress, MilitaryDraft, Naturalization, Occupation and Residence)
  • 82 new persons - list is at New Persons Added on 23 March 2018
  • Five more census pages - list is at New Census Pages on 23 March 2018

In addition, there are a couple important notices about the website:
  1. The secure “https” protocol is now available for the site, meaning that you can access it using What this means to you is that the session between the web server that hosts my site and your browser is encrypted to provide more security.

  2. If you have previously saved any links to specific people, please use one of the indexes to find each individual and replace the old link with the new one. This is necessary as the site has been changed from a "one folder, one person" basis to a one folder, multiple persons" basis. As a result, URLs now reflect a page number that specifies the folder in addition to the individual's ID number in my database. Here is an example of how this affects the old links using Herbert Samuel Kuhn, who is ID#9. His old link ended with p9.htm, while the new link ends with p1.htm#i9.
So what now?  I need to resume my planned series of blog posts about Henry and Hannah Church.  There have been three posts so far:

Next step is to go back and get my head wrapped around the Church family again to remember where I was in my thoughts.  While you wait for the next post, you can check out this discussion of Henry Church Names.