Friday, June 30, 2017

Just When I Was On a Roll

I was rolling along pretty good this month, and even had set a goal to not only keep this blog going again but to add new info to my website. 

My database program uses "tags" to record different types of info, many of which I have never uploaded as they needed work before being ready to go online. My goal was to add eight new tags by the end of June:  anecdote, biography, education, employment, military draft, naturalization, occupation and residence. 

It was ambitious, but I was on a roll until the 27th when my software threw an error message at me and then laughed in my face, said "I quit," and refused to open my database again.  Murphy's Law at work - it happened right before the 4th of July weekend, so I'm patiently waiting for some advice from the experts. 

I suspect that I'll have to restore the project from a backup. Unfortunately, that means I will lose a couple days of work as I failed to backup every night - and yes, I'm kicking myself as I write this because I know better! 

It won't be hard to re-create those two days, just time-consuming.  So ... my June goal has now turned into my July goal.  July should bring an update to the website with the new tags included, AND I can resume my planned series of blog posts about Henry and Hannah Church.

Wish me luck!

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